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Sept 2017
Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Modelling Workshop Zachman Certification
19-22 Sept      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Managing Your Information Asset
20-22 Sept      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Oct 2017
Information Management Fundamentals
3-5 Oct      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Building an Enterprise Data Lake
5-6 Oct      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Business-Oriented Data Modelling
9-10 Oct      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Advanced Business-Oriented Data Modelling
11-13 Oct      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Nov 2017
Incorporating Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL in BI Systems and Data Warehouses
31 Oct - 1 Nov      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Ten Steps to Data Quality
2-3 Nov      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Ten Steps to Data Quality
2-3 Nov      Venue: etc Marble Arch
The Logical Data Warehouse
2-3 Nov      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Mastering the Requirements Process
14-16 Nov      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Business Architecture Essentials: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation and an Agile Business
27-29 Nov      Venue: etc Farringden - The Hatton
Strategic Enterprise Design
23-24 Nov      Venue: Marble Arch Marriott
Business Change
28-29 Nov      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Dec 2017
Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture
30 Nov - 1 Dec      Venue: etc Marble Arch
Working with Business Processes
30 Nov - 1 Dec      Venue: etc Marble Arch
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